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Sunday August 3rd - August 10th, 2014,
Houghton College,
Houghton, NY



News for Vivace String Camp 2014:

The Attacca Quartet will join us at Vivace for a third year!!! They return as "in resident" teachers, coaches and performers for the entire eight days of camp!  They will perform individually on our opening camp recital, perform with staff on the chamber recital and
perform as Attacca on our final Saturday concert. They are excited to have the opportunity to share their expertise with our campers.

Vivace String Camp,
a music camp for string players who love all things creative

This year at camp we continued our tradition of exposure to many art forms asper our mantra of "Who put the chocolate in my peanut butter?". We are thrilled with the resulting experience and are busy building on this experience as we plan for next year!


Art Forms and The Way They Overlap
“Who put the chocolate in my peanut butter?”

We develop the awareness in young learners that all the areas of life that we put passion into, and where we must season a skill by devoted practice, share avenues of access and parallels in demonstration. For string players “practicing” equals experience and investment. This is true in every form in which we wish to express ourselves artistically. By harnessing this understanding we create a greater potential for the student camper to realize their deepest passionate artistic drives and manifest them.

-Martha McIlhatten Thomas, Camp Director


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The Attacca String Quartet 2013


The Attacca String Quartet, one of the world's most accomplished string quartets, were our Master Class teachers and recitalists. They conducted a Master Class and played for us in Recital on Saturday, August 4, 2012. Presently in residence at The Juilliard School of Music, first violinist Amy Schroeder is a graduate of Amherst Central High School where she was a student of Mr. Thomas.

Ariel Horowitz, Young Artists Recital, VSC 2012



David Kim and Master Class Vivace 2011


Thank you, Mr. David Kim, for sharing your artistry at Vivace String Camp
2011. Your Master Class and Recital will inspire and motivate us forever. The
ten campers who won the opportunity to play for you taught us all. Your
indefatigable work in Master Class for over two hours captivated all in attendance
as is rarely seen. Your recital was a performance of the very highest order. You
honor and enrich us.



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